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The Blessings Volume 2 is the follow up to the debut album of visionary music producer BigBob of indie label Elite Sound International. This evolutionary release pushes the buttons and elevates the current representation of hip hop. Sonically, BigBob doesn’t disappoint. Unceasingly expressing his gratitude to hip hop, BigBob continues to experiment with classic sounds, boombap & golden era beats, refreshing contemporary sampling throughout and deliberate intense cuts & scratches lead into a well developed direction of musical harmony.  This ambitious project demonstrates BigBob’s ability to relentlessly attract legendary artists as well as the underground outliers with a proficient craft for brilliant lyricism. BigBob’s musical confidence allows his experimentation to include a myriad of talented artists including vocalists, musicians and turntablists to complete this industrious studio project. 


BigBob Presents The Blessings Volume 2

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