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    Hengda Chemical

    Aluminum hypophosphite

    Product name: Aluminum hypophosphite

    CAS number: 7784-22-7

    Molecular formula: AlO6P3

    Molecular weight: 215.899221

    EINECS No.: 479-150-8

    Appearance: Powder

    Weight: 25kg/bag


    Aluminum hypophosphite is a new type of flame retardant with good thermal stability, does not cause polymer decomposition during processing, and does not affect plastic molding compositions. This product is slightly soluble in water and is non-volatile under the usual conditions for the preparation and processing of thermoplastic polymers. Its application products have high thermal stability, good mechanical properties and good weather resistance during processing, and polymer compositions containing Aluminum hypophosphite exhibit high flame retardancy. According to the UL94 standard, The thickness is 0.7 mm, and its flame retardant level is VO, and according to the IEC61335-1 standard at 800 ° C, the thickness is greater than 0.8 mm, passed the GWIT test, and all passed various flame retardant level tests. Due to the high phosphorus content of Aluminum hypophosphite, It has the advantages of good thermal stability, low water solubility, and high flame retardant effect. It was developed by American Blue Chemical and used on PET, which has achieved a high flame retardant effect. When added to PET, the heat release rate and the flame retardant produced during combustion The heat decreases sharply, the amount of charcoal after combustion increases, and the flame retardant performance reaches the UL94 standard V-0 level. Compared with the PET flame retardant currently used in China, the flame retardant effect is increased by 60% and the cost price is 35% lower.

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