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    Changzhou Hengda Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Products are mainly suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical

    Specializing in the production and sales of chemical products such as piperazine hexahydrate, piperazine anhydrous, hexapentapiperazine, etc.


    Hengda Chemical

    A33 Dipropylene glycol

    CAS number: 110-98-5

    Molecular formula: C6H14O3

    Molecular weight: 134.17

    EINECS Number: 246-770-3

    Molecular Structure:

    Appearance: Liquid

    Weight: 200kg/drum


    1) A33 Dipropylene glycol is the most ideal solvent for many flavors, fragrances and cosmetics applications. This raw material has good water, oil and hydrocarbon solubility, mild odor, little irritation to the skin, low toxicity, uniform distribution of isomers, and excellent quality.

    2) It can be used as coupling agent and moisturizing agent in many different beauty cosmetic applications. In the field of perfume, the usage ratio of A33 Dipropylene glycol exceeds 50%; while in some other application fields, the usage ratio of A33 Dipropylene glycol is generally within 10% (weight). Some specific Chemicalbook product applications include: curling lotion, skin cleanser (cold cream, shower gel, body lotion and skin lotion) deodorant, face, hand and body skin care products, moisturizing skin care products and lipsticks, etc.

    3) It can also occupy a place in unsaturated resin and saturated resin. The resin produced by it has excellent flexibility, crack resistance and weather resistance. The long-term yellowing resistance of the product is also trustworthy.

    4) It can also be used as cellulose acetate; nitrocellulose; shellac varnish; castor oil solvent; it can also be used to make plasticizers, fumigants, synthetic detergents, etc.

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