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    Changzhou Hengda Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Products are mainly suitable for chemical and pharmaceutical

    Specializing in the production and sales of chemical products such as piperazine hexahydrate, piperazine anhydrous, hexapentapiperazine, etc.


    Hengda Chemical

    A33 Ethylene glycol

    CAS number: 107-21-1

    EINECS No.: 203-473-3

    Molecular formula: C2H6O2;

    Structural formula: HO-CH 2 CH 2 -OH

    Molecular weight: 62.068

    Freezing point: -12.6°C

    Boiling point: 197.3°C

    Appearance and property: colorless, sweet, viscous liquid

    Weight: 200kg/drum


    Used to make polyester polyester, polyester resin, hygroscopic agent, plasticizer, surfactant, synthetic fiber, cosmetics and explosives, and used as a solvent for dyes/inks, antifreeze for engines, gas dehydrating agents, manufacturing Resin, can also be used as a wetting agent for cellophane, fiber, leather, and adhesives. It can produce synthetic resin PET, fiber-grade PET that is polyester fiber, bottle-grade PET for making mineral water bottles, etc. It can also produce alkyd resin, glyoxal, etc., and is also used as an antifreeze agent. In addition to being used as antifreeze for automobiles, it is also used for the transportation of industrial refrigeration, generally called brine. At the same time, it can also be used as a condensing agent like water.

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